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Keys 2 Freedom Counselling

Keys 2 Freedom Counselling

Is stress, anxiety, panic or overwhelm sabotaging your relationships or ruining your best plans for health and happiness?
Then you have come to the right place to find relief and learn more effective ways to live your very best life!

What Would You Like Help With?

My expertise is helping you to gain lasting relief from stress and emotional pain, strengthening your resilience and to re-connect with your true self.  If these words resonate with you, I invite you to peruse this website or give me a call!  Contact numbers are at the bottom of this page.

Relief from Relationship Stress

  • Are you struggling to cope in your relationships?
  • Do you find it difficult to speak up or be heard in an argument?
  • Can you stand up for others but not yourself?
  • Do you dislike conflict and prefer to retreat than fight?
  • Are your differences creating turmoil?
  • Do you feel resentful that others don’t appreciate what you do?

If you are ready to start having more enjoyable relationships please click the button below.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

  • Do you suffer from panic attacks?
  • Has anxiety started restricting your life or creating more stress for you?
  • Can making decisions or standing up for yourself make your anxiety levels go through the roof?
  • Have you often felt anxious or panicky when faced with new situations?
  • Are you anxious most of the time?
  • Would you like to be able to feel calm, at ease and relaxed instead?

Let’s work together and have you feeling more confident and calmer, please click the button to start your journey.

Trauma and Grief & Loss

  • Have you suffered a traumatic incident that you’re struggling to get past?
  • Are you finding you choose not to do things because of a traumatic or abusive event in the past?
  • Did you witness something awful and it keeps going round in your head?
  • Have you lost someone or something important to you and the grief and loss you’re feeling is overwhelming?
  • Do you feel stuck and unable to see a way out?
  • Does the idea of feeling at peace with the situation sound appealing?

If this describes you to some extent and you’d like help to feel more at peace please click the button below.

Why Choose Keys 2 Freedom Counselling?

Holistic Approach!
  • Your mind, body and spirit are all connected and work together.
  • Balance in these areas helps you to heal, strengthen and thrive.

If this resonates with you I invite you to contact me by phone or email [info is below this section] and begin your journey!

20 min FREE Chat!
  • It is important you feel comfortable with your therapist, so I am happy to offer you a cost free and obligation free 20min chat before your session begins.
  •  If you prefer we can stop there without cost to you, and if we both feel this is a nice fit we’ll proceed with a paid session.
Learn Stress Relief!
  • Discover how to quickly reduce your stress/anxiety
  • Learn cutting edge Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine tools.

If this interests you, give me a call or email me [info is below this section] and let’s work together to create your very best life!

0415 308 328

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9 Delmar Ave,
Harrisdale, WA 6112

Ready to make a change? Questions?

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