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About Keys 2 Freedom

About Keys 2 Freedom Counselling

My expertise is helping you to gain lasting relief from stress and emotional pain, strengthening your resilience and helping you re-connect with your true self. From stress, anxiety or panic to overwhelm or trauma Keys 2 Freedom Counselling and Coaching offers you a holistic and integrative approach to your healing.  Based in Harrisdale, Western Australia Keys 2 Freedom Counselling uses cutting edge methods in Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine to help you heal, build resilience and enjoy a deeper connection with life and more importantly yourself.

The main counselling modality/tool used at Keys 2 Freedom Counselling is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Tapping as it is often called.  EFT is part of the field of Energy Psychology and has an outstanding track record for reducing intense feelings/emotions and traumatic memories.  EFT offers peace and fresh hope to people that they can truly feel free, happy and normal again.  EFT is also a marvellous self-help tool you can use between sessions and for the rest of your life to manage stressful or upsetting situations.

Keys 2 Freedom Counselling offers you private sessions to help you heal any issues you may be dealing with.  And because it is vital to feel safe and confident with your therapist, we are pleased to offer you a 20min cost free and obligation free time to see if we are a good fit.

Meet Sylvia Kaval

Stress, Anxiety help and reliefWith a diagnosis of cancer in 1986 Sylvia started a journey of exploring the mind-body-spirit connection to health and wellness and how she might heal her body as naturally as possible.  She chose a holistic mind-body approach to boost her body’s ability to heal.  Sylvia has always enjoyed helping others and has a special affinity for women experiencing stress, trauma and chronic illness.

Sylvia has over 13 years experience as a counsellor and her expertise is in helping you gain lasting relief from stress, trauma and emotional pain.  She uses an integrative approach to help your body heal as well as your  mind.  Strengthening your resilience and helping you re-connect with your true self are also areas she enjoyes helping you with.  During your sessions, she will draw on all her wisdom, knowledge and training, and her easy counselling style provides a safe space for you to speak and be heard.

Her love of teaching was evident when Sylvia took on the position of WA trainer for the Institute of Biochemic Medicine, teaching students about Schuessler Tissue Salts.  She designed comprehensive powepoint presentations, handouts and reference material to assist her students to become confident Schuessler Practitioners.  You’ll find Sylvia is an excellent therapist, trainer, teacher and speaker, with a warm, approachable style that immediately has you feeling at ease.  Her passion is helping you to gain lasting relief from the things you are finding difficult to let go of and helping you to re-connect with your true self.

Her continued research and studies has included energy psychology, psycho-neuro-immunology, health and nutrition, energy medicine, quantum physics and sacred geometry.


Sylvia’s Qualifications and Training include:

  • Dip. Prof Counselling
  • Dip. Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy
  • EFT-Adv
  • EFT-Matrix Re-Imprinting
  • EFT-Trauma Buster
  • Reiki II
  • Eden Energy Medicine Foundations & EEM for Women
  • Cert IV T&A

Appointment?  Questions for Keys 2 Freedom?

Please see the contact information below for phone numbers and sending me an email.  I would love to be part of your journey.

Contact Information

1) Mobile Number: 0415 308 328
2) By Email:
Please fill in the form below and I will reply to you ASAP.

Clinic Hours

Tues – Thurs: 10am – 7pm;
Fri & Sat: 10am – 3pm;
Mon & Public Holidays: Closed

SKYPE sessions are available too.

Clinic Address

9 Delmar Ave, Harrisdale WA 6112 (by appointment only)

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Drop me an email! I would love to be part of your journey!

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